Thursday, June 30, 2011

Empty Hearts

I can and will stand forever.
To let it rest
To let it burn
I will stand forever

I won't live forever
To let this burn
To let it thrive
I will pretend forever

To maintain integrity
To feign authenticity
I will imagine forever

For explosive skulls
And tearful eyes
I will shout whenever

Because I am fictional
In the realest way
Always desperately clawing
For all that fades away

Is it you?
Or was it me?
Will I love forever?
Or Just today?

Is it rage
That carries me away?
Or is it fear
That keeps me here?

It isn't you
And is probably me
But please oh please
Do not doubt me

I'm that forceful type
Of lying bitch
Always rude
Typically rich

Excrementally curious
Monumentally serious
You are the one
That I choose to pray

Because your heart
Makes me vomit
When my own
Only deserves to die

You are the force
Buried in these words
Behind these hideous lies

And we were the ones
That deserved to die

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