Saturday, June 18, 2011

Less Reflection, Maybe

I'm feeling slightly less reflective about things. Well. I guess I should say I'm feeling less inclined to do large amounts of reflection through writing.

I am still thinking about things all the time.

My mind is casually reflective I think. I just think about things all the time. I don't really know how to stop and that is the way I like it.

But I don't feel like producing big essays. I feel like having lots of experiences that are reflective, but that I take less effort to make sense of.

Collingwood in Speculum Mentis says something about how all philosophy may have to be a philosophy of experience. That another philosophy may not be possible.

He says that people aren't going to create great philosophies about art, for example, if they just sit down and think and read about art for a long time. But that they need to go out and have all kinds of experiences with art and then begin to make sense of that experience.

Clausewitz, too, believed experience to be the greatest teacher.

So, I just want to get experiences. I want to go places with people and do things.

I want to read along the way so I can get synthetic experience too.

But real ass experience is what I want.

So what if I don't want to write. Wanna fight about it?

It is taking a bit of effort for me to come to terms with this. For a while I was writing sooo much. I was producing producing producing. And I still think that when my experience gets to a point in which I want to express myself through philosophical or poetic writing I will.

But I don't want to force writing right now. I want to let it flow from me. And that means waiting. Waiting is pretty crucial and super hard.

Still need to come to terms with waiting, too.

But I'll wait.

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