Thursday, June 16, 2011

All People Are Real Ass People

Pop pop
Make my body move
It always rearranges

I'm grappling with some issues lately. In particular, I am thinking about people, about relationships.

The problem I am dealing with is that some of my interactions are so impersonal. They seem to be driven by nothing but labels.

The most telling example comes from my job: People think of me as nothing as a barista. This, I assume. They don't need to wonder about me. They just need to order treats and drinks from me. I am just so sensitive. I wonder about all of this.

But in a real philosophical way, language can govern and influence relationships.

Anyways, what I want to communicate is this: even though concepts and labels often govern our relationships, the best way to deal with people is to understand them is as emotionally and intellectually nuanced people.

People are never as simple as our labels make them out to be.

I hope to develop a philosophical defense of compassion.

I am so fucking serious.


But to develop this defense of compassion, to understand that people are so fucking serious, is pretty difficulty.

Because, I will admit, I have been willing to label certain people.

I have used my ability to label certain people as a way to leave them behind, as a way to bypass an intense analysis of them.

What. Do you want me to analyze everyone I meet? Impossible.

But I do not want to cease giving them the benefit of the doubt.

This is Collingwood's 'absolute ethics'.

This is my notion of 'forgiving everyone for everything'.

But seriously, that idea is too much for me to bear. To work out its implications, to feel it emotionally, it is too much.

God I love words.

God I love being young.

God I'm on the verge of explosion.

'God', I know I'm referring to a useless idea.

Fuck god.

Hail human self creation.

We are the lovers.

We are the ones to help and create one another,

God, I love you all.

God, we are real ass fucking people. I know it.

Our emotional lives are rich.

Please, can we care for one another?

Please, can we love through labels?

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