Saturday, June 4, 2011


There is a compatibility that I felt emerging between Collingwood, Foucault, Zizek, Claxton, and some others. The problem was with Collingwood's notion of the absolute mind, and of absolute ethics. It implies determinism and it is hard to know where free will goes with an idea like that. But it makes sense.

It makes sense in light of Zizek's notion of retroactive freedom, on choosing one's destiny.

Ummmm. In some ways I see a picture developing in my mind. My recent reading on politics, culture, habit, etc., has been pushing me towards something. It might be coming together.

Also, Elaine Scarry has a book called Thinking In An Emergency that looks fascinating. The crux of the book is a philosophical investigation into the nature of habit. Habit in politics, in society, in emergencies. Looks fascinating. Doesn't cite Zizek or Collingwood or anyone I know on habit. So, yeah. Interesting stuff.

I was looking at that vague outline I posted last time (which isn't even a real outline). But just mulling over those issues of culture, politics, habit, choice, history, etc..

Just a lot of pieces that are floating around in my mind that don't make sense right now.

But that is okay. I just wonder how long it'll take. A long time i bet.

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