Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beast Mode

Don't you just want to flip out?

Can't you feel the excitement?

Sometimes I talk about beast mode.

Like, 'OH! I'm about to go beast mode on this'.

I say it at my work sometimes.

Barista work is fast paced.

I have five drinks to make.

And I'm all like, 'Oh, hell no, I'ma go beast mode now'.

Animalism is such an interesting issue.

To be human.

To be animal.

We are in the strange predicament of knowing that we are both of these things.

But honestly I don't think this matters to us. Being human and being animal are oddly compatible. Perhaps it is a contradiction that we can't rectify so we just unreflectively live with it.

But when I talk about beast mode I know it conveys something different about behavior. It conveys something about the quality of my behavior that is different from my normal behavior. When I go into 'beast mode' at work I become completely unreflective. I am governed entirely by physical movement and by habit. I just go. Go go go go. This is beast mode. All you do in beast mode is move.

So interesting how we associate the human world with something other than habit, something other than raw action.

The human world is a linguistic world. Today, however, someone told me they thought that the human world was more than a linguistic world.

I'd like to be able to answer the question, What is the animal world? What is the non-human world? What is that world beyond society? What is 'the state of nature'?

I ought to read Leviathan. I really really ought to.

And I will.

I'm feeling routy enough.

I'm feeling young enough.

I'm feeling alive enough.

You call it Malibu?

I call it Malibooyah.

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