Saturday, July 2, 2011

Asserting Humanity

There is this one vender of Real Change that I find very peculiar.

Today he was smoking a cigar, petting someone's dog. When he was done petting the dog he said thank you to the dog's dad.

There is something very strange about him. Not in a bad way. Something about his eyes. His eyes are very communicative. Very expressive.

They express a lot of intelligence.

They seem like they assert humanity in a way.

Sometimes I get the feeling that that is what I want my eyes to do at my work.

Recently a woman came up to me to order something and I said hello and looked at her pretty intently. I don't think I was trying to look intense or anything. I was just looking at her. I try to be present with the work I do.

She looked at me for a second and asked me how I was. I told her I was doing well and some small talk followed.

I don't know what that was all about. The way I'm describing it makes it sound dull. But there was something strange about the interaction.

I wonder about humanity.

I wonder about interactions and stuff.

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