Monday, July 18, 2011

Checking In

I've been showing a friend around Seattle this weekend. It is always super interesting to have someone else here.

It gives me the chance to imagine what it would be like to see Seattle for the first time. It makes me realize how comfortable I've become with this city.

I really like it here.

I'm still ruminating on the third and fourth sections on my essay on relationships and mediums. I am reading Foucault's Archeology of Knowledge and still finding it pretty challenging but very interesting. I think that it is developing in a way that I like. The more I read the more it seems to be coming together. I am about halfway through.

After that I might try and read Deleuze's Difference And Repetition. The issues of difference and repetition matter some to historical study. Especially when you begin thinking about Collingwood's notion of the re-enactment of thought. Re-enactment has to have something to do with repetition. And then I think about Zizek's idea of repetition as leading to the new, and about this idea of retroactive freedom. And then I think of how I connected that all to Collingwood's definition of the imagination and consciousness and all that jazz.

So I have some direction with my reading and that is a good time. I think that when I go on vacation I'll probably be able to get some strong reading done. Or will be able to take up some challenging reading. So Difference and Repetition is probably a good place to go. When I look at it I'm like uh oh. It will be good to challenge myself with the thought of someone brand new.

Then maybe some day I'll look at the whole capitalism/schizophrenia series. I own A Thousand Plateaus. Someday.

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