Thursday, July 7, 2011

Slooper Size Me

Oh, can't you feel the anger?
Can't you feel the tenderness?

I promise you, it is all right here
Just beneath the surface.

I'm not sad, and I'm not angry
I am a fucking savage.

Don't worry about any other words.

Reality bursting at the seems
Crabs crawling on my skin

An unreality deeply threatening me
And I blame you

And I blame myself
I wrote it on the bathroom wall

I'd rather die
Than become myself

I always told you
I will forever argue with myself

Break my teeth
And several bones

No one will ever
Be better than myself.

Ignore the instrument
Obey the real ass life

And then succumb
To that ungrounded life

You are hopelessly embedded
I am hopelessly concave

Neither king nor queen
Lodged somewhere between slave

Backwards numbers
Hopeless pain

Soggy concepts
Invisible ideas

I posses the flow
You possess the pain

You posses your glow
I possess the rage

I own the unreal
You, the greatest pain

I am burning charlie
I am Icarus reborn

I am the empty bus
You are all that I scorn

You are the needless life
Endlessly imaginary.

I am the hopeless mind
Fawning over it all

Dreading places and names
Craving our savage crawl

I interject within your space
Yet willfully remain beyond your walls

Get me out of here
Get me out of here

Based god, they want to know my name
Riley P, he does it for the pain

It's all a dream
But it ain't.

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