Friday, July 15, 2011

Anger and the Intellect

I'm not sure how angry I really am. I feel like anger is a consistent theme with me. I feel like seriousness is a major theme with me. Then sometimes people tell me that they have a hard time imagining me being angry or serious.

Then sometimes people pick up on how angry I 'secretly' am. They say it isn't a very well kept secret. And I don't think it is a very well kept secret. Or maybe it is. I'm not really sure what I'm like.

There is something going on with this that I don't understand. I'm not sure whether I'm actually angry or not.

I think that I use my intellect to mitigate any anger that I might feel. In the past I have wondered about the relationship between anger and the intellect. Is it possible to think away anger? Is it possible to analyze away anger?

Seems unclear. Might be unlikely. But at the same time I have some hope for this idea. I have hope that it is possible to use the intellect to assuage anger. This would make sense. Zizek says that philosophy is meant to show us that our problems are really false problems. So if we can find a way to show that our problems are false problems then we might find some respite from our anger.

Also, anger always has something to do with meaning. We experience anger (and other emotions) because certain things mean certain things to us. And the task of the intellect, according to Collingwood and others, is to purposefully create our world of meaning.

I want to manage my anger by controlling the web of meaning in which my emotions are embedded.

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