Monday, January 31, 2011

BLECH!, or, Hehehehehehe

I'm making quite a bit of progress on the AZI essays tonight. Feels very good to have momentum. Was really tripped up by the last section (13). But section 14 has gone very smoothly and actually feels quite significant. For the first time I feel like I am bringing this project on the aesthetic back in line with my roots. I consider my roots to be Jon Sumida's Clausewitz seminar. I'm finally starting to feel like the ideas from that class are coming back into contact with this project.

Clausewitz cannot be left behind. I cannot forget Clausewitz or what JS taught me. I need to remind myself to stay connected to their work, to continue to collaborate with their ideas. Because gosh dangggg I think Clausewitz and JS are so potent.

I also feel pleased because I was actually able to draw on some work I did in June to write about some stuff tonight.

The section I just finished is called 'Applying Artistic Expression as Modifying the Content of Action: The Deliberate Creation Of Habits.'

I'm actually quite pleased with it. I feel good because the section is able to draw on old work that I did, and is also in conversation with Clausewitz's project. Because his project was basically all about teaching commanders to create certain habits in themselves: habits of trusting their judgement, habits of thinking about strategic decisions in certain ways, habits of analyzing history in certain ways. The creation of habits seems to be such an important thing. I wonder if that is something that people talk about much.

Anyways, I'm invigorated right now. Wonder how long I'll keep writing tonight.

Part III.3 is realllllly shaping up for me though. I'm feeling very excited by it.

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