Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Praise Of Friends

A quick post.

The last two days I've been ruminating pretty constantly on the next sections of AZI that I'm trying to write. I'm excited by this idea of purposefully creating habits for myself. Especially because I can feel it in my life sometimes. I feel myself intuitively acting in certain ways because I have written about wanting to act those ways, because I have spent time thinking about acting in those ways.

I don't want to deceive myself. But I do believe that I can create habits for myself. I just think it takes vigilance.

I was excited to come home tonight and explore this idea further, to really explore its pragmatics. I'm pleased with the way I explicated the idea in general as it relates to the idea of an aesthetic existence. But now I need to see if I can explain how to do it, or how I'll try to do it. An interesting exploration it will be.

But yeah my friends called. They are going out of town. Of course I'm going to hang out with them instead. That is where I'm off to right now. Soon.

Of course I will defer to friends. Such an interesting thing, the tension between writing and socializing. I'll typically choose socializing. But sometimes I just need to write, just need to get it all out there. But this isn't one of those times. These ideas can stand to stew a few more days. Hehehehe.

In praise of friends.

Here is to you.

In praise of deference.

Here is to that.

In praise of yielding.

Here is to waiting.