Sunday, February 6, 2011

I've Woken Up

In just a physical sense. I've woken up to live today, February 6th 2011.

Wouldn't it be fun and funny if I mean that I had woken up in some profound philosophical way? Lol. I'd be all like 'I understand now, I've attained enlightenment and I'm here to live it'. Lol but no, no way.

All I mean is that I've woken up to live another day.

But today I'm going to the symphony!

What fun.

Right now I'm drinking coffee and continuing to work on AZI.

This final section, Part III.3 has turned into quite a doozy. Quite a long bit of writing. But I'm moving along. Trying to grapple with the complexity that I feel growing in it. Trying to be able to state it clearly.

I've already made many things clear. Things about habits, about their creation, so on.

I just need to keep charging ahead explicating thinkers so that I can ascertain their relationships. It just gets tiring sometimes explicating others. But that is the task.

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