Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finally! Some Substance!

OOF! I feel very pleased to have finally posted something that is more than a scattered reflection.

It took me a month to get done with Part III.3, and I'm pleased that it did.

No side track essays, no digressions (except within the piece).

I just don't know anymore!

Ooof! After a big bout of expression I just feel so BLEHHHH drained.

In a good way.

Now I have some decompressing to do.

I wrote the last fifteen pages this morning between 8 am and noon.

I wonder when I'll get the next sections under way. Part IV is all that remains. I'll have to do some serious reorganizing of the outline and stuff.

But gosh, now I feel so drained. Probably the caffeine crash happening at the same time, too.

But boy, now I'm all flabbergasted.

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