Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Undirected Reflections

We won trivia at The Lookout tonight. What fun!

I've been thinking about how my blog looks very scattered. How it looks like a series of undirected reflections. But I'm working behind the scenes. I have been working hard in word documents. I have 40-50 pages at work behinds the scenes.

I'm working hard on some ideas, on some things

My reading, however, is following a much less directed path. A much more confused path.

Part IV and V will hopefully take me into that confusing territory.

I want to be confused.

Please believe me.

But this part I'm working on is just too much.

I had an idea and I think I forgot about it.

I think it had to do with traces of experience and the imagination.


I'm very excited.

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