Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just Wondering, Just Kidding

So I haven't been writing for this last week. A number of different things have been happening to me, some of them bad and some of them quite good. But in any case all of these developments in my life have made me feel reflective about my writing. About the things that I'm writing, about why I'm writing them, about what to do.

I'm reflecting on 2011 and what this will be all about. Probably should be about living and having fun.

But I'm also reflecting on graduate school, how that will pan out, where I should apply, how I should go about that, and so on.

So naturally the writing I'm doing now is a question for me. What is it all about? Why am I doing it? How is it contributing to what I'm doing?

My big project, AZI, is coming under some scrutiny for me. I am going to finish it. But I no longer feel that it represents everything I'm thinking about right now.

The questions that I'm posing are still very much up in the air. But I'm just starting to feel myself drawn to questions that are different. Political questions, sorta.

I actually would like to try and do some work on it right now. But I'm just checking in.

I'm also wondering why I put this writing out on the internet. Personal stuff, why am I sharing it?

It feels good to share my thoughts and feelings. So I'm just doing it.

But I wonder why. I'm not sure why. Perhaps because I hope for people to read my writing that I do in the future, so I might as well start now. Who knows.

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