Monday, January 31, 2011

So Long January

OOOOOH what a month to be ending.

A lot happened. It felt very strange and fun. Just moving moving moving. Working working working.

Trying trying trying to write.

I suppose I managed to write a good bit. But gosh it just doesn't come out sometimes. Honestly its because this project isn't as organized as I could make it, as it should be. The sections are organized, and then I meander within the sections. I place all kinds of burdens on myself by having quotations in there. I feel bound to my quotations.

What I should feel is bound to what I have to say in that section. I'm working on bringing the two together. Cause that is how it should be.

I plan on showering, eating left overs, and finishing another section tonight.

Really want the last section of Part III to be significant, to pack a personal punch. I just want to feel personally satisfied with it.

But it is real challenging for me. Eh.

I'm not sure why this project matters so much to me.

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