Monday, January 17, 2011

Ahem: to Lil B and Others

The age of information I blew up but never grew up.
I'm collaborating with you and feeling your heart.
I suspect you are deep and I'm waiting to believe it.
I'll cook with you and roll with you and listen to you.

Shouts out to the East coast.
West Side.

I would never ask someone to look at me like that.
I would never ask you to tell me I'm weird.
I'll just want what I want and want want want.
A wave of desire swept away by more waves.

A wave of wave in this mirror of mirrors.
A big mind that hasn't become big enough.
A mind too relative to feel its isolation.

I've been referencing all kinds of things.
Because I want to share in their sharing.
It's a secret.
This repetitive noise.
This high pitched wave of sounds.
It tickles my ears and makes me feel pretty excited.

It makes me feel like a partial view from a bus.
Like a world obscured by an informative sign.
A frantic desire to feel the movement and to be the movement.
But just sitting with every care in the world.

I'll just sit with all the cares in the world
And tell you that I want to be like Nicki.
That I want to be like a samurai.
That I want to be the one to shut it down.

Shut the whole thing down.

Sit with me.

I'm very still.
I'm very still.
I'm very still.
I move real fucking fast.

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