Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ehhh Life And Philosophy. Again.

You know, I just don't know.

I am living a decent life right now I suppose. I'm quite excited about all the different books I've acquired and the directions I want to take my reading in.

I feel like I'm honing in more and more on this question of philosophy as a guide to living well. I feel and hope that I'm pushing myself to use philosophy as a way to live well.

I want to live well.

My friend was kind enough to tell me about a book that just came out that examines this question closely. The book is called Examined Lives: From Socrates To Nietzsche. Exciting idea. How did many of the greatest philosophers manage to unify their thought and their action? What kinds of follies did they make? How did they deal with it?

Powerful questions.

I suspect it will complement my reading of The Reckless Mind: Intellectuals In Politics. I read that book hoping to understand more about how intellectuals try to effect political change. This book should add something else.

My reading these days is explicitly political. About to wrap up John Gray's Enlightenment's Wake. Looking forward to reading Carl Schmitt's The Concept Of The Political. Eager to read Nietzsche's The Will To Power. Eager to read some of Howard Zinn's essays in Passionate Declarations: Essays On War And Justice. All of it seems very provocative.

I do indeed feel committed to philosophy. I'm curious how committed I'll feel to history in the future. I was thinking that after this AZI project is done I'll perhaps turn my reading more towards the philosophy of history and history proper.

Eager eager eager boy. I'm eager. Very eager.

Want to keep reading.

Feel like I've recovered from my 2011 freak out session.

Feel like I have momentum with my writing and want to keep it up.

Social life beckons, too, though.

I'll balance it all as best I can.

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