Friday, January 21, 2011

Creating Texts To Access Sub-Texts To Create New Texts

Every time I complete a piece of writing I always feel that there are things missing from it, things I wanted to talk about but for some reason or another wasn't able to articulate while I was writing it. I always find there were things I didn't stress quite enough, things that weren't very clear in my mind. It is as if though the writing is hinting at certain things that are lying in the background, like the text is referring to a sub-text where my deeper ideas and connections wait.

Perhaps this is a bad thing, a frustrating thing, something to try and overcome. Of course, I want to pull my thoughts out in their full strength and clarity. Of course I want my writing to reflect what is really going in with my thoughts.

But on the other hand, I kind of like how this works. So much of my writing these days is simply about exercise, about experiment, about exploration, and not about the actual statement.

In essence, when I produce a text I am giving myself a chance to clarify my thoughts so that my next bit of writing can express those ideas more clearly.

I write something and then I read it. When I read it I get a feel for the sub-text of the writing, I realize that there are issues that eluded my grasp and my articulation. And in my next bit of writing I am hopefully able to incorporate those sub-text issues into the overt text.

By writing I am able to see what was implicit in my writing, and then I am hopefully able to take those implicit themes, that sub-text, and make it explicit the next time around.

THis is something I've talked to a friend about. The way that our writing wreaks of the subtext when we read our it at a later date. I think he may have been frustrated. But I dunno, I kind of like it. It can be frustrating if we simply want to produce an adequate text, which I will need to do at some point. But at this point, I am happy to go about the process of creating text to access sub-text so that I can create more texts.

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