Thursday, October 13, 2011

Well, It Will Be A Few More Days

I won't be posting part IV.2 of AZI for a few more days probably. Maybe tomorrow if I'm lucky.

I'm been writing a lot of today. Produced another 10 pages or so.

I have close to 40 pages sitting in a word document. So I've written quite a lot and the whole section has gotten quite large. It will probably clock out around 50 pages.

But it will be good to get it up there.

And the rest of the section is pretty clearly outlined.

I just need to take the time to flip through the books, make the connections explicit. Give myself the time to do it.

Then part IV.3 is pretty clear to me. It will be primarily addressing issues raised by Foucault. Should be a good writing session. Definitely issues I've thought about and haven't addressed clearly enough. Still stuff from the Society's Implicit War essays that I never resolved. How to conceptualize thought and action in relation to politics, basically.

But it isn't clear how part IV.4 will go. Because right now I fear that I'm getting into things in part IV.2 that I should be reserving for IV.4. I'll sleep on it and decide whether or not I need to postpone those discussions or not.

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