Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The last two days I began working at High 5 Pie in Capitol Hill. I like the shop. The people are nice. The owner seems cool. The manager is very nice and seems organized. My friend works there.

It has gone very well so far.

Today I worked from 6am - 11am. It was very early. I woke up around 5:30.

I was having a dream. I remember it was a vivid dream, an intense dream. But I can't remember what it was about.

The alarm smashed my dream world and left no trace of it.

I remember looking at the clock. It said 5:29. I said whoa. Maybe I will take a nap today after all.

But I doubt I'll take a nap.

I don't feel like napping.

I feel like making burritos with beans, cheese, avocado, tomato, and hot sauce. And what do you know, I got all that shit!

I got it from the store on my way home from work!

Days are so long.

There is so much time.

But I love to sleep. Sometimes I sleep a lot.

I also hope to get some writing done today.

Part IV.3 of AZI awaits.

It should be one of the easier sections for me. The topic is something I've been thinking about and working on for the last few years. So they are more mature thoughts than I was dealing with in IV.2 and that I'll be dealing with in IV.4. Those are fresher thoughts.

The issue this time is Foucault, his definition of politics/power, his use of militaristic metaphors, and, in particular, his use of the word 'insurrection' in the Society Must Be Defended lectures.

Section IV.3, in fact, is a pivotal part of the whole project. The title of the whole project, 'Art, Zen, and Insurrection' is directly connected to Foucault's work. The 'insurrection' component is connected to his Discipline & Punish, Volume I of The History Of Sexuality, and Society Must Be Defended. That was his work from the mid 70s. Who knows what happened to him. The 'Art' and 'Zen' components are also connected to him, especially Volume II of HOS, The Use Of Pleasure. Yeahhhh. Good to grapple with him. He was such a weirdo/monster thinker.

Hopefully I can eat these burritos, jam out to some musics, take a shower, and interrogate my friend Michel a little bit.

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