Tuesday, October 4, 2011


My thoughts and feelings are more intense than usual.

Probably because my life is more intense than usual.

I'm changing jobs. Hitting the streets, working hard to get my resume out there.

Working hard on selling myself.

On top of that I have been listening to the new Future Islands album, 'On The Water', a lot.

I really like the cd.

Especially 'Where I Found You' and 'The Great Fire'. Both of which are quite slow, quite romantic. About love. About people and pain.

There is a tightness in my chest. Especially when I listen to 'Where I Found You'. Which you can listen to here.

When I listen to those songs I feel it. I feel myself on the verge of tears. But not actual tears. I'm not actually shedding any tears. I just feel them in me.

I don't know what it is about this music that makes my chest so tight.

Why is my chest so tight?

Why is it so good that my chest is so tight?

What is with this intensity in my life?

I have a lot of time today. I have the day off. I plan on cleaning a lot. Eating something, no doubt.

Probably continuing to read Collingwood's Essay On Metaphysics. I'm still afraid of The New Leviathan. Mainly because I chickened out reading Leviathan. It was so difficult.

I will work today hopefully.

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