Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blogs Are Stupid

Blogs suck. I'm tired of my blog in some ways.

At the same time, I really love it.

I've kept it up for a year and a half and it has been great for me.

It has given me an important medium for my ideas.

It has done a lot for me.

But I crave more serious outlets.

And I crave more privacy.


How stupid to crave privacy on a blog that I make public.

I just don't quite get it.

Oh well.

My mind is on fire.

I went through my shelf today asking myself, 'What books do I need in order to write a publishable essay on Collingwood and Foucault?'

Now I have a stack of 20 books sitting in front of me. I'm eager to start flipping through them. Eager to start pulling quotations and fitting them into my tentative outline. Excited about how that process will in turn clarify the outline.

I want to be a scholar.

I want to make this essay scholarly.

It will have footnotes.

It will be properly formatted.

I will explode.

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