Monday, October 10, 2011

Jesus Christ.

Holy jesus.

I haven't thought or written like this in months.

Prepare for Part IV.2 of AZI to be posted in the next two days. It has been six months since I've posted a part of it.

And good god. Am I excited by how it is going.

I produced like 12 or 13 pages tonight and have the conclusion to the section all mapped out. And I've stumbled upon all new sorts of connections.

Really really really looking forward to refuting Benjamin and trying to explain what an aestheticization of politics should really mean (by Collingwood's definition of the aesthetic).

All in all I've got about 27 pages sitting in a word document. Part IV.2 should be somewhere just about 30 when I post it in the next few days. Maybe closer to 35.

I'm really excited.

I can't believe how much I love thinking and writing when I'm able to do it.

Sometimes it takes so long.

And then all of a sudden boom. I've thought a good deal. I've written so much.

What exciting days.

Over and out.

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