Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog Absence

Haven't been blogging yet this month.

I'm 24 years old now, bitches!

Very exciting.

I have been occupied with celebrations, with other real life things.

My mom is coming to visit me tomorrow. That will be fun!

I am still reading Don Delillo's White Noise. I wish I was more excited about it or cared more about fiction these days.

I sometimes realize my shortcomings, both personally and intellectually. I seem to have such an inclination towards reading nonfiction that I just feel like anytime spent reading fiction is somehow a waste of time. A silly feeling, but one I have.

I am waiting for my friend so that we can go get an air mattress for me to sleep on while my mom sleeps here.

I hope to return to my work on AZI at some point this month. I've been slowly mulling over the issues that are presented by Part IV.2.

I think that if I modify the title of it I can reconcile some organizational problems.

Oh boy.

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