Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Music

For some reason I've become super lazy and apathetic about finding new music lately. I guess I never got on websites like pitchfork, and I don't know other blogs or sites. So I just didn't really get a lot of new music unless I stumbled on it.

But right now I'm downloading a bunch of new music. Getting new Four Tet, New Pornographers, Ariel Pink, Gil Scott-Heron, seeing as how he died. I dunno. Music is so interesting and I should listen to more of it. I should be more explorative. I should just get more things. I play music at work.

The other thing is that my ipod doesn't play music anymore. The headphone jack broke. So I can't do that. But yeah. I guess I don't need to play music on the bus or anything like that.

Right now I'm listening to the latest No Age album. I liked their old stuff. Never bothered to hear the new stuff. Glad I'm listening.

I'm also downloading a movie called 'Of Gods And Men'. Mr. Mightremindyou has told me about it in the past, and my aunt has talked about it too. I think I'll watch it tonight for fun.

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