Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Excuse Me

Excuse the babbling. I have hit a weird point with myself in terms of my writing.

I am pleased because tonight I finished Speculum Mentis. I don't dare write anything about it right now.

Except to say that Collingwood is always interesting and strange. I suspect large things will come out of it in the future for me. But I have hit a weird point in my writing.

I did find one line in the book to be comforting, however. He was writing about art and how spontaneous it can be. He was saying that when things seems to go dry, when we are struggling to produce significant writing, "The wise man relapses contentedly into an ordinary humdrum existence and waits for the moving of the waters" (82-83).

I'm doing my best to be humdrum right now. But frankly I'm feeling like a little bit of a spazz. I'm resltess and confused and irritable at work. My apologies. Not always irritable. Just sometimes. Just a little sensitive sometimes.

Those last two bits of writing were fun though. So I dunno. I'll keep going. There is no slowing down.

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