Monday, May 16, 2011

How Much Am I Into Coffee?

Today I had a very interesting experience going to Tony's coffee shop. They invited my boss there to do a coffee cupping. They wanted us to taste this coffee variety known as geisha coffee. A very interesting coffee that is very fruity and flowery. A very unique tasting coffee.

Overall I found the whole process to be totally fascinating. Just the process of standing there, smelling different types of coffee, listening to these people talk about them.

I wish I had a more developed palette. I struggled to identify specific flavors in the different coffees. It is very difficult to do things like that.

Funny ending though. They lost my coat. Haha!

They found it, but I haven't gotten it back yet. They delivered it to my store after I left.

When I came in they took my coat from me and put it in a closet. But then I left and they couldn't find my coat anywhere. Someone else who was there left with it apparently.


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