Sunday, May 15, 2011

Research And Writing

Sometimes I ask myself why I'm able to write so much on certain issues, and at other times so incapable of writing anything about anything. Why was I able to produce so much writing in 2010 and the beginning of 2011, only to drop off and struggle to produce the last couple months?

For one thing, I shouldn't expect myself to be able to produce all the time. Of course not.

But also the issue of reading comes to mind.

I think I was able to produce so much at the end of 2010 because I had been seriously reading for the whole year.

And I think I have been able to write so much of AZI because it is pulling on all of the different things that I have been reading since I graduated from college. There is more than a years worth of serious reading going into that project.

Writing requires so much research and reading. I shouldn't expect myself to just be out put out put out put all the time. I need so much more input. So many more books.

It is good to remind myself how much reading had to happen before I was able to write what I have written.

I need to remember how much more I need to read to write more.

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