Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why? He says

I love the way this stone wall feels as I walk down this dark hallway. It is more intimate than I would have expected. I watched a worm slowly scale a vertical wall. I watched as it flailed from side to side, groping and hoping to find something soft and moist in the darkness.

As I continued down the musty stone hallway I became aware of all the moments that had led me on this latest bout of exploration. I was restless. I was curious. I was hungry.

It is unfortunate that these boots are corrupting my ability to really experience this stone hallway in all its force. I know that it could make me shiver from head to toe if I were only willing to let it touch my toes and my head. But I'm a little too attached to my hat, to my shoes, to my warmth. To your warmth.

I'm pretty certain that I came here for a reason. I told myself that I wanted to embrace a certain type of experience. But I can't seem to take my shoes off. I can't seem to let you do this to me.

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