Sunday, December 12, 2010

My World, Your World, This World, That World, Our World

I drank tonight. It felt good to be out with someone and to be drinking delicious beer out of huge glasses.

Your mind feels like liquid to me
A swirling pool inside of me
Swirl me
I'll swirl you

I was on the bus surrounded by people.

Two of them were talking to one another having such a delightful conversation.

Delightful in its monotony.

Then one of them started reading a copy of Ishmael. He was smiling. Smiling and reading by himself even though he had just been talking. I couldn't help but smile looking at him.

Then there was another young man sitting across from me. He was playing a video game on a gameboy. Then he started texting on his cell phone.

The question is this: How many worlds were you all living in?

This one guy was living in his own world, and the world of his friend, and the world of Ishmael. He was in no less than three worlds.

The other guy on his gameboy, he was in the world of the bus, in the world of Pokemon and in the world of his cellphone. Again, no less than three worlds.

I was living in my world, the world of the person I was just hanging with, and countless other worlds.

What is this world?! Where am I?!

Where's your head at?!?! IS IT HERE?! IS IT?!

Where is it? Where do we go? Don't we live in multiple worlds at all times?

Our own world is never separate from the worlds of others.

Right now the issue of empathy, that of language, that of other worlds is on my mind a lot.

I wish the font on my last essay weren't so small, as Mr. Might Remind You pointed out. But still, I think that essay turned out interesting and weird.

Gosh. I just feel out of control.

These people on this bus. I wanted to talk to these two older men so badly. They seemed so interesting. Slipping in and out of their social world and into the world of Ishmael. Effortless!

We are all mind bending beasts.

We all slip in and out from one world to another.

Gosh. Good gosh dangit dammit. FUCK!

I curse with outrage. I curse with excitement.

I curse with love.

I just love empathy.

Ooof. I'm overwhelmed with my day today. I did a lot of writing.

I did a lot of feeling.

We become other minds by simulating those minds. But that language of simulation sucks. I want to get beyond you, Goldman.

I want something else.

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