Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goodbye Farmville. Hello Seattle 2011.

Tomorrow I'm flying back to Seattle.

It has been really nice staying in Farmville, seeing my family. I'm sad to be going back. I live so much further than I used to.

But I'm also excited to be going back. I have some very nice things going on in Seattle. I hope to continue what I'm doing.

I want to keep building the relationships I've been forming. Want to continue to maintain some ones I've had. I want to continue my writing. I want to continue working hard.

I want to continue to try and make all my time my free time.

This trip flew by so quickly. I guess it really wasn't that long of a trip. But it was nice. Very nice. Just too short.

Tonight I was looking at some of my writing and I felt confused and embarrassed. The section I'm currently working on is not very strong, and is not really in my grasp. I don't have enough of a grip on John Searle's work or its implications. Collingwood's The Principles Of Art still eludes me in some ways, largely in terms of nuance and implications. But I'm trudging on. I'll finish this blasted project. By March, hopefully. Maybe sooner.

Tonight I wrote 'sound silly, right?' in the essay itself. I just feel frustrated with the portion of writing I am doing now. I'm not sure why, though.

Well, now I'll work on it. To ease myself, to get it done.

I wish I could see my family more easily. But I can't because I chose to move far away.

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