Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just To Be Rapid

I just wanted to sit down and do something quickly. Perhaps this will be only a few lines.

I went and bought groceries today. I'm currently doing laundry. That feels nice. I did all my dishes. That felt nice too. I have the new Kanye album playing in the background. Or right in front of me now, since I'm not in the kitchen anymore. But I feel good today. It sure is gray outside. But I'm going to do academic work today. Gotta finish skimming Collingwood so I can simply start writing. I've already written all of Part I.1 of this essay, so perhaps I'll just post it. To inaugurate the intense writing of it. Because once I am done skimming I hope to work really hard on the writing. I'll have all kinds of quotations to write around.

When I wrote my Society's Implicit War essays it was kinda like this. I finished skimming Discipline & Punish and then I just went boom boom boom write write write. That one flew out of me. More than 100 pages in less than a month. So that is good. I'll do that again hopefully. But I just need to finish the prep work.

Now I'll do that.

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