Monday, September 20, 2010

One Hundred Phrases for One Hundred Posts

1.This is my 100th post on this blog.

2. Good job!

3. I am pleased to have been able to write as much as I have.

4. Since March this blog has been a major thing for me.

5. It has felt fun and exciting.

6. It has been a unique way of expressing myself in a variety of ways.

7. It has let me have write journal entries with greater speed.

8. It challenged me to write philosophically.

9. It challenged me to write about the things I was reading.

10. It gave me a way to challenge myself.

11. It has been less of a part of my life in the last three weeks.

12. And I think that is fine.

13. But in August it was such a huge thing it was unbelievable.

14. But now I'm a barista and I don't have as much time for writing.

15. I will soon.

16. But right now my barista job has prompted me to look for an apartment.

17. I need to find a place to live.

18. Once I get some routine going then I can start thinking about my own thoughts again.

19. Because right now I have been thinking a lot about other people's thoughts.

20. Like 'What kind of coffee does this person want?'

21. Or 'How does this person say the best way to make coffee is?'

22. But all of that involves my own thoughts as welk.

23. Like, 'How do I best make coffee?'

24. Or, 'How do I learn to best make coffee?'

25. And then I did it.

26. I'm starting to gain a lot of confidence in my ability to make coffee and to do it well.

27. Steaming milk, pulling shots of espresso.

28. It is actually sort of fun.

29. It is very dynamic and fast paced.

30. I can move like the wind.

31. Or like some sort of gelatinous body.

32. I look forward to the fluidity of my physical movements.

33. I like seeing myself doing something automatically.

34. It pleases me to know that my body is capable of moving without my mind.

35. I read about these parts of the brain once.

36. Soon only motor areas need to be activated.

37. Initially my brain has to utilize more areas to pack a shot.

38. But soon it will all be in the motor cortex.

39. I don't know anything about brains.

40. Me and a friend talked about brains.

41. Is it dangerous to think in terms of brains?

42. Isn't it powerful to think in terms of brains?

43. Do I care about the power of these brain words?




47. So says the zombie professor within me.

48. I am just ready to get back to writing.

49. I suppose today I felt for the first time like I could do this job for a little while.

50. At first I was like oh jesus I need to get out of here.

51. But now I feel like oh okay I could do this for a little while.

52. I suppose my main priority is simply to find a place to live now.

53. I'm looking into sharing houses with people.

54. Having my own apartment would be expensive.

55. But I don't know.

56. An indefinite series of days/weeks that will hopefully become more definite.

57. I'll find something.

58. Then hopefully I'll be able to pursue my creative projects with renewed vigor.

59. Collingwood's The Principles of Art sure is feeding my brain.

60. New lines of inquiry.

61. Diverse lines of inquiry too.

62. Challenging lines of thought.

63. Theory of Imagination.

64. Where do you get off, Mr. Collingwood?

65. Are you really so learned?

66. Are you really so potent?

67. I suppose my task is to be a judge of that.

68. How do you speak so effortlessly about the successes and failures of all the greatest philosophers?

69. How am I to speak of you so effortlessly.

70. The task is to get beyond Collingwood.

71. The task is to transform until I don't need to struggle with him anymore.

72. But I have a lot of struggling left to do.

73. I'm still in the thick of his thought.

74. Some day I'll hopefully be past him.

75. Some day I'll be able to have my own thoughts that contain his thoughts.

76. Or perhaps not.

77. August sure was a month of my own thoughts.

78. I wrote a lot.

79. A lot came out of me.

80. I just let it happen.

81. Mainly because I had the time and freedom to let it happen.

82. But right now I don't feel like I have the time.

83. Every time I write I feel my hunger for apartment searching.

84. I need to find a place to live.

85. Whether with people or with myself.

86. It is funny, I actually stopped writing after number 83.

87. I stopped to look for apartments online!

88. LOL!

89. But I'll find something.

90. I know I will.

91. I need to find something so that my mind can keep flourishing.

92. I need to make it so that my working and living is easy enough that I can do my own work.

93. I want to do my own work.

94. I've been able to read on the bus.

95. That has been really nice.

96. But what I need is to be able to write.

97. What I need is to make it to 200 posts.

98. I suppose that is the big deal with this 100th post.

99. And a good question to ask myself.

100. Will I be able to make it to 200 posts?

101. The 101st phrase, which is simply for good luck, says yes.

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