Sunday, September 12, 2010

My False Awakening Waking Paralysis Dream

So I had this dream that was really strange. I had a false awakening, and in that false awakening I had waking paralysis.

False awakenings are when you think that you have woken up, the bedroom appears to be your normal bedroom, but then it turns out that you are actually still dreaming. False awakening.

Waking paralysis is when you wake up and your body can't move. I think this is a somewhat well documented phenomena. Your mind is fully awake and alert, you are awake, but your body can't move for a period of time. People often panic or something. But yeah, waking paralysis.

Also, I have really been thinking a lot about astral projection because of this dream. My past with reiki and yoga introduced me to a lot of things about astral projection, and I still find it very curious. If you haven't heard of it, astral projection is a self-induced out of body experience. People believe that in addition to our physical bodies we possess something called an astral body. And that there is a place called the 'astral plane'. A spiritual sort of realm where your astral body can travel. Some people think we have like 7 bodies or something. Astral body, physical body, emotional body, etherial body, so on. I forget.

But anyways that is the necessary background to what happened in this dream.

This dream had three parts. I know one of them came first, and then I can't remember which of the other two happened next. In the first scene I was in a huge room that was whitish gray. The walls were composed of giant slabs of something. Giant squares, like sidewalks are built of squares. The walls were soft though, I think. They may have been concrete. I can't be sure. But the room was enormous. Hundred foot ceiling. Huge panels on the walls.

I was flying in this room. And more interestingly, I was flying with another person who I knew was my 'master'. Whatever that means. He was someone who was a guide of sorts. And we were flying together, but not fast or forward or anywhere in particular. We were floating in a circle around each other. We were orbiting each other sort of. We were talking, but I have no idea about what. Frankly this scene of being in this huge room with my master was only a flash. I only recall one moment of orbiting with my master. I don't know what he looked like, but I know that he was there, and that he was my master.

I find that all very interesting because reiki and all that, martial arts, yoga, there are relationships that are like master/student type. Reiki masters, yogis. Perhaps not. But often the term master has these connotations of martial arts, spirituality, etc..

But then I was pulled from that space. I went to another layer of the dream. And this is where things get blurred between the other two aspects of the dream. This room with my master was the highest layer of the dream, and I know that happened first. Also, I remember one thing my master said. As I was being pulled from this top layer of the dream he said 'We'll talk about this next time we are here'. And then when I got pulled out of that layer and I was in the next layer I said 'But we aren't always here'.

Then the blurred two layers. But I think that the next layer was me in a white bedroom. And after this white bedroom was the false awakening paralysis.

So after I was flying with my master and I suddenly left that scene. He said we would talk next time we were there. Then I think I was in an all white bedroom with a king or queen sized bed. A big white bed with a white comforter and white walls and what bed posts. The bed posts had white balls on the edge of them. And when I said 'But we aren't always here', I was looking at one of these balls on white bed post and I was touching it with my index finger. I was talking to my master in this white room even though he was no longer there. It was like I had been pulled into that white room so suddenly that I was still finishing a conversation that had begun in the large white room.

Outside of this all white bedroom there was another room. And I knew that my mom was in that room. I don't know what she was doing there. I am pretty sure that we talked together, but I don't remember about what. But I knew I was going to talk to my mom. I'm sure I did.

Then I was suddenly no longer in that bedroom. I was in my bedroom at my aunt's house. I was lying down on my left side. My eyes opened very suddenly, and I couldn't move. I think this was still a dream, but I'm not sure. Maybe I really woke up and had waking paralysis. But for some reason I think it was a dream still. This was my false awakening where I had waking paralysis. I dreamt I woke up and had waking paralysis, but I think I was still just dreaming.

But in any case, when I had this false awakening I had a bizarre sensation of something extending out from my body. With astral projection people believe that your astral body and your physical body stay connected by something called the 'silver chord'. Sounds weird. But in this waking paralysis I had the sensation that there was a chord rapidly extending out from my body. Imagine what a spool of thread sounds like when it rapidly unravels. Imagine what a spool of thread feels like in your hand when it rapidly extends. Then imagine a giant invisible thread unraveling from the front of your body. Lying on my side the whole front of my body felt as if it was being pulled forward by the unraveling of this chord. I don't know what was going on. But in this false awakening I immediately thought that the unraveling I was feeling/hearing was my silver chord unraveling as my astral body moved through the astral plane. Really weird stuff. That was the final layer of the dream. I forget what happened when I woke up. I don't remember waking up. Or when it was or what it was like. But in this last part I definitely couldn't move, and definitely felt/heard an invisible chord unraveling from the front of my body.

Some people think that waking paralysis is caused when you astrally project during your sleep and then suddenly wake up. The idea is that your physical body can't move until your astral body returns to you. So if you suddenly wake up while your astral body is out of your physical body, then you will feel waking paralysis.

This was all really weird. I hardly ever dream. And this dream was quite bizarre and layered. It has really got me thinking about astral projection and potentially attempting it. Or trying to attempt it.

Psychoanalytic interpretations of dreams annoy me, which I think is funny. Because clearly they are legit and can be interpreted in those ways sometimes. But I dunno, it is tough to do. Sometimes it is easy to do. I just wish spirituality could be real in any way at all. I wish astral projection was real, or reiki was real. And that might be. I don't write them off. But it is just hard to know.

Weird dream.

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