Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fog Fog Fog

My mind feels different than it has before.

It feels foggy. Super foggy. It feels like it doesn't know how to think anymore. This happens to me sometimes. I just lose my ability to express myself in a coherent way. Intellectually I lose my ability to express myself. I become clouded.

It typically happens after a large bout of expression. And that is basically what all of August was. And that I capped the whole month off with my essay on 'The Genealogy of the Modern Mind' seems like quite a big deal. Quite a big bout of expression. I had forgotten, or it had not been entirely clear to me, that theory of mind was my central concern. Although that is what seems to be the case. Also, I hadn't been able to articulate that the proper domain for theory of mind was the study of minds. Just like Clausewitz's theory of war can't be separated from the study of military history, is the theory of mind inseparable from the study of minds? Is the humanities really the study of other minds? The answer to these questions seems to be yes. But I'm still struggling with these types of conclusions.

Also I just have so much more reading to do to really make these things sit well with me. To make such rash and large conclusions about something like theory of mind seems unsettling at this point. It seems like I shouldn't be making such large and bold conclusions.

But seriously, how can a theory of mind really be a theory as we think of scientific theories? How can it be useful? Doesn't it need to be turned towards improving intuition in the relations of minds? Shouldn't it be contributing to Foucault's project of changing the way that minds relate to one another?

Theory of mind and education. Aren't these people talking about this? Almost certainly. Like I said, I just have so much literature left to get into. So much more to figure out, so much more to ground myself in. But I suppose that is the forever conclusion.

Whatever. Enough reflection. I'll be moving onward with this project sooner or later in some form or another. But right now I'm intellectually lost.

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