Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goodbye September. Hello Apartment. Here Goes Nothing.

So September has been a pretty good month I guess. I've been working at this barista job since the seventh, and oh guess what I feel pretty comfortable with it now. I want to drink more espresso and understand it more. I want to get really good at pulling shots and noticing the nuance of their speed. I want to make good drinks.

But at the same time I find myself getting really really irritated with people and their silly drink orders. It comes in flashes. Someone comes up and orders 'two skinny grande mochas with sugar free hazelnut and whip'. Boom then my brain explodes.

You and your elaborate drink orders! You make me crazy! But hey, drinks. Whatever. I make them.

In other news, I applied for an apartment today and it went through it seems. I'm going on Saturday to sign the paper work. Seems like I will have the keys as early as Sunday, maybe Monday. Boom, there goes my skull.

I sure haven't been having very much time to pursue this new essay that I'm working on. I want to write. But the time. I'll perhaps begin the serious writing tonight. But reading. I read on the bus. That is nice I like that.

But I need to be doing more writing.

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