Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh My Body

Yesterday I spent several hours playing basketball with some friends. We all had a great time. I was wearing contacts and it felt really good. It is really satisfying to not have to worry about my glasses. Because normally any running is tempered by a sense of expensive glasses on my face. But contact lenses make it easier to just run and play sports and not worry about it. It was fun.

But man my body hurts today. Really sore.

And man it is so hot out!

I'm doing laundry and hanging out. Being domestic. Cleaning and listening to music.

I want to be doing more serious writing.

But I'm not sure how to right now.

I want to be finishing Democracy Incorporated. But part of me doesn't want to be finishing it right now. I just want to be relaxing.

I'm boiling water right now to make a big pot of coffee.

I've been drinking so much iced coffee this summer. Iced americanos primarily. They are so good.

Iced lattes are a lot less appealing to me for some reason.

But this hot coffee should be good. I bet its gonna make me all sweaty and warm and that will feel kind of good.

A couple of friends have been telling me about how they are spending less time on the computer. Which I think is good.

I spend too much time on the computer.

Computers can dominate.

Oh well.

I'll do other things.

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