Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I had this crazy dream about these birds. They were like a pest. They multiplied in homes and got into everything. They built webs and would cluster around them.

Me and R and M had to stop these birds. I felt like I was doing all kinds of crazy work spraying things, doing stuff to stop them. But it was madness. They were everywhere.

I ended up in different parts of some city. I thought I got them all. Then I saw this weird larval thing hopping towards the basement. It was a brown shred of living.

I chased it into the basement. There were huge roaches everywhere. But roaches that ran on their hind legs like tiny bug people. I searched for this bird larva. I don't know what happened.

Earlier there had been 'bird' spray flying everywhere. I was covered in it.

A super weird dream.

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