Sunday, September 11, 2011

Me and Collingwood Are 'Back On'

I've been writing parts of the AZI project. I haven't worked on it since, gosh, like May? June? I'm not sure exactly when I stopped working on it. I know there was a moment where I said that I couldn't work on it anymore. Somewhere around the end of May I just got super frustrated with looking at it and just had to take a break.

So I kept reading. I got a little bit into another writing project. I just let AZI sit in the background.

But now I've felt able to start writing again.

I have been taking forever to read Sheldon Wolin's Democracy Incorporated. I'm almost done. Will finish it tomorrow. But it has done a lot for me.

I feel that I've read a number of culturally/politically/economically oriented in the last six months and it is all coming together a little bit. People like Harvey, Marx, Hedges, Wolin, Adorno, Benjamin, etc.. It feels good to have read those people are for it all to be coming together enough to put some thoughts out there.

I realize that all of my longer writing is really just a lot of scattered reflections and references. I'm attempting to compare things I'm reading, take time to explicate them and see what sorts of connections emerge. And things typically do emerge. New thoughts and conclusions. But they really are all over the place.

But it feels good to be writing again. I'm revisiting The Principles Of Art and it feels really good. I really like that book and it feels good to be looking at it again. And to see that it has a lot going on and that people like Wolin are related to it.

I have Collingwood's An Essay On Metaphysics in the mail. Excited to get my hands on that. Think it will yield a lot of interesting things related to the philosophy of history, habit, and 'metaphysics' more generally. I really have a very poor grasp on the term. So it'll be good to see what it produces.

And Collingwood really is one of my favorite thinkers. I don't know what it is about him.

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