Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wasting Time

I'm spending a bit of time this afternoon on a website called I Waste So Much Time.

Funny, the self-referentiality of the name. They understand this internet culture of distraction and they are claiming it.

I wonder how I should feel about distraction and amusement. I amuse myself. I distract myself. I can't read and write all the time. Sometimes you just need to relax a bit.

And I'm so tired lately. I have been working a whole lot. And it sucks. But I'm making money. Living hard, too.

I have to go to work at 4:30. I figured I'd relax for a while.

I could lie down and read The New Leviathan. But my mind just feels a bit too restless. I want to look at funny and clever pictures. See how many funny people there are in the world. There are a lot.

And man, this picture is soooooo funny:

I spent a good 20 seconds laughing out loud after I saw it.

I'm not sure why.

Chemistry jokes are funny.

But this blog of mine, this Savage Riley, is a bit stuffy. I usually go off about philosophy and shit.

But sometimes I just dick around, look at fun pictures and videos, explore the dredges of the internet.

My other blog is also a lot of fun. We write about mouths. Me and my friends. We write about mouths.

Yes. Circulate.

As Jeezy says. Circulate. Don't be scared. Let the dollar circulate. Let my intellectual capital circulate.

Sometimes I just need to relax. Because soon enough I'll be working again. Writing again. Reading again. Not relaxing again.

So today I'm just relaxing. And that website and that picture are relaxing to me.

I laugh out loud even just thinking about that picture. Nice.

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