Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Mother Is Right

In that we should have no interest in anger.

Are you angry?

Frankly, I'm not.

Are you in pain?


I experience pain regularly.

Philosophical, historical, and personal knowledge can do that for you.

They might put you in a bit of pain, a bit of confusion about who you are, why you are living this way, and what you do.

But anger isn't what I feel.

Confusion is what I feel.

Pain is what I feel.

But don't fret. Everything is okay.

Death will take us away.

Steve Jobs, apparently, felt that death was a serious motivator. I feel the same.

Work hard!

Love yourself!

Be okay!

Drink and do whatever you want, within reason.

Everything is okay.

Problems are always false problems.

Death is the only problem

And this is a bullshit, free flow statement.

I don't know what is and is not okay.

But I watched the documentary 'Zizek!' today.

It was fun.

For Zizek, philosophy deals with the redefinition of problems.

If an asteroid is coming at Earth, he says, we do not need philosophy. We need good science. We need people to figure out how to blow up an asteroid so as to save Earth.

But if we are upset with our economic system, or our way of life, then, we need philosophy to show us how our problems are false problems.

Most of life, I venture to say, is full of false problems.

The real problems are hard to identify.

Don't be angry.

Everything is okay.

It really is.

To be angry is to be committed to false problems.


But we need to figure this out.

Because anger simply isn't productive.

Pain and sadness, however, might be.

I'm simply loving.

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