Tuesday, November 29, 2011

These Days

These days I think of writing as a luxury.

Just because I find myself working so much that I don't know when I can write. Mainly just because I've been really tired. I don't always feel like I have the energy to think about abstract stuff for fun.

But I am still working on the outline for the final part of the AZI project. I'm feeling good about it. I'm trying to reflect on some recent reading. I finishing The New Leviathan today and don't know exactly what to think of it. I'll have to keep looking at it and thinking about it.

I'm excited to be moving on to other things. I got a copy of Manuel Delanda's A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History which I'm pretty excited about. Gonna start looking at that.

But I'm struggling to find time for my reading. I sleep too much lately. I have to go to work all the time. I sleep and I go to work. Well, I have nights. But many of my nights to go to socializing. I want to hang out with people. Meet people. Do things. Duh.

I was talking to my mother at some point. She said that I could always cut back my socializing in order to get more reading and writing done. And I was all like Bahhhhhh. I can't do that. My gut reaction to that idea is no thanks. Because right now I do want to be social more than anything else. I won't turn down socializing for the sake of reading and writing. But I do want to be thinking and working towards writing. Because I'm getting towards all sorts of stuff.

The outline for Part IV.4 is looking good. I think I've decided on an introductory session that will focus strictly on political themes in Collingwood's last four monographs. The Principles Of Art, An Autobiography, An Essay On Metaphysics, The New Leviathan, and The Idea Of History. I'm excited to take a chronological look at those books. I can't speak of his oeuvre. I haven't read some of the other stuff. But I'm excited to speak of his late oeuvre.

I am seeing a sort of pattern emerge in his concern with politics. He was consistently interested in politics and culture. I'm curious. I wonder.

There are many critical essays and books on Collingwood that I've yet to approach. That is one thing I want to start doing.

But I'm excited to be getting to work, slowly, on Part IV.4.

The main thrust will be the attempt to create a model of political-aesthetic decision making. One that will be collaborating with the Clausewitzian project of theorizing decision making and the education of political judgement.

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