Saturday, November 26, 2011


I've had some days off lately. Which has been great. I haven't had days off lately.

I've been working a lot. Work is good. I like where things are going. But god it is making me very tired.

I slept super late yesterday. Slept pretty late today.

I have all these outlines and books I'm reading and waiting on. All these somewhat fresh ideas.

I was out with some friends last night. I was thinking about Collingwood in The New Leviathan. I tried to say something to myself about Collingwood something something dialectic thinking something something aesthetics something something something. I can't think clearly about this kind of stuff when I'm so tired.

It takes so much time. I need time where I'm clear headed, where I'm well rested, where I'm reading and writing and producing.

And those times will come. But right now I'm working a lot and it is making me want to sleep a lot.

Oh well.

I can just feel sluggishness creeping its way into me. Temporarily. But still.

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