Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Material. The Ideal.

Today I was preparing a blog post about materialism and idealism.

But then I got distracted with laundry and a documentary about Joseph Goebbels.

Plus I was very tired from working hard.

Materialism. It means that we analyze reality primarily in terms of the physical world, in terms of the matter and space around us. It means that reality exists independently of mental activity.

Idealism. It means that reality is constituted primarily of ideas. Not that physical/material things don't exist. But that our experience of them is conditioned by our ideas.

I find both of them sensical on first examination.

But they need to be properly synthesized.

I believe the Collingwood and Delanda can both help me with this.

Also, tonight I had the Rogue hazelnut brown ale, and it was dope as shit. Tasted like fucking hazelnuts. Straight up.

SO good. I love hazelnut.

And it tasted so good in beer.

I love love nutty beer.

Philosophical reflections will be upon us all soon. Upon me. And upon any of the unfortunate readers of this blog.

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