Monday, November 14, 2011

My Mind Is Not Quiet

When I walk around I don't stop thinking.

I have one thought after another. They chase one another, build on each other.

They just keep coming.

Always in the form of language.

I experience one sentence after another.

I tried to focus on my breathing. This one in, this one out. Accompanied by words at first. This one in, this one out. I kept track.

Then I let go. This one in, this one out.

Without the words this time.

This one in, this one out.

Just this one in and this one out.

Words chirp beneath the surface.

But this one is already coming in, and then it went out.

I'm not sure if I ever lost the words. If they ever fully ceased. But I know that the process of breathing overtook them. There was a moment.

I need to take my interest in mindfulness a step further.

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