Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh Boy! Whoooooo!: Notes From Seattle #7

Yeah so I have been doing quite a lot of writing lately. And serious writing too. Once I learned that I got this barista job I went off and started doing all kinds of different things. I wrote that post on military history yesterday that I found really interesting and fun to write. Then before that I wrote on mindfulness and thinking about time, and I wrote about creativity, and the freedom I felt from being employed.

Also I have been drinking a ton of coffee the last two mornings. I'm watching my aunts dogs for her so I have a very sort of chill space in her house right now. No one is here and so I can just drink lots of coffee and listen to loud music and do all this writing. But man, totally tweaking a bit.

After Tuesday I'll hear from Elliott Bay Book Company and I'll know if I got that job. So after Tuesday I think I'll start looking for apartments. Cause then I'll know where my work commute will be to and what to think about all that. So yeah interesting stuff. This weekend is a bit of a hiatus, a break, a relax. Just because I don't need to be searching super hard for jobs or anything like that. But yeah finding an apartment, that will be interesting stuff. Gotta find something cheap and not horrible. I imagine I will be able to do that. But man, all this life stuff is so damn weird right now. But thats okay.

I've been reading John Searle's book called Making The Social World: The Structure of Human Civilization which has been totally fascinating. Really interesting stuff. Something that is just like boom so hard to really grasp in its entirety. He is getting quite sophisticated with what he is doing. He is trying to explain how human institutional reality all comes down to the ability of language to declare something and then bring it into being because it has been declared. Status function declarations, as he says. I will have to do some writing on it in the future.

But for right now the major project that I am working on is an essay called 'The Genealogy of the Modern Mind: History, Theory of Mind, and Self-Directed Neuroplasticity'. I think it makes sense but it is really a challenge right now. Just because I have the parts lined up and I'm going through them, but it is really hard for me to hold the whole thing in my mind at once. I suspect that when I finish the whole thing I'll be able to state more clearly what the hell is going on with it. But right now I'm still in the thick of it and don't really grasp what I'm doing. But I will hopefully.

Other than that I have other things I could read and write. But I'm too caffeinated right now, I'm not sure what to do. Oh well.

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