Monday, August 9, 2010

(Hopefully) More Adequate Writing

I feel like the more of these "Society's Implicit War" essays that I finish the better I feel about the project. The more I feel like I am making progress. The more I feel like I actually am thinking creatively.

I'm just in a weird point in my life in about every way, and I find these long essays to be a fascinating compliment to my already weird life. But I really like the direction it is going. I really like the flow that I am starting to see emerge in it. When I initially built my outline for all six parts I felt like it had a nice flow, I liked it. But now that I'm getting close to writing it, I feel good about it.

Part 1 - establishing society's constant war of social order

Part 2 - establishing the war of representations relationship to simulation theory of mind

Part 3 - establishing the implications for self-directed neuroplasticity once I have fleshed out all the other things

Frankly I find it quite compelling. But why wouldn't I?

Lol. No one is going to read this stuff. And I imagine it will be something for me to reflect on in a few years. Hopefully when I get into a doctoral program I'll be able to look at this stuff fondly. Maybe I'll even be able to use it for my graduate work. Certainly not directly. But as a guideline. As a source of ideas. As a source of inspiration or a source of warning. "you were doing this well, but steer clear of that cause you were thinking whack".

I'm all over these "Society's Implicit War" essays.

I look forward to becoming the person who has finished them. Because right now I am still the person that is working on finishing them.

I look forward to becoming the person that can move on from them and regard them as an accomplishment or as a failure.

But I want to become the person that can regard them.

Because right now I'm still the person working on them.

I really want to write on this idea I have called 'The Genealogy of the Modern Mind'. It will be heavy. Really heavy. I feel like it is probably the best way to describe my overarching project at this point. Just wait. You invisible readers won't know what to do with this stuff. I don't even know what to do with this stuff.

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