Friday, August 20, 2010

Notes From Seattle (a la My Dad) #4

WHooooo boy. Everything is wild right now. Not in a bad way just in a really tired way. I got a few blisters on my feet because my shoes aren't the best. I need to start wearing my running shoes when I walk around instead of my unsupportive shoes that i like better.

But anyways yesterday was a pretty good day, an interesting day. I met up with my friend and we had some coffee at a nice little cafe run by a man named Wings. I had a sandwich too that was less than perfect, but it was good enough. After that we walked to a neighborhood called Fremont and did some exploring. She is looking for a new apartment/house and I'm looking for a job. So we split up and did our respective exploring once we got there. Unfortunately most people were not hiring. Walked into a number of different stores, but lots of nos. That is okay. Fremont was a nice neighborhood.

Then I ended up hanging out with my two friends at their apartment. Split a bottle of wine. Then me and my friend ate cheesesteaks. Then I tried to bus back but it was too late and I had missed my regular bus. So I had to take a different bus route back and it was weird. But I made it. I feel so tired today.

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