Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Notes From Seattle (a la My Dad) #3

Today is a day that makes me feel incredibly tired. It is hard for me to believe how tired I feel right now. Not that tired. I don't mean to exaggerate. But I feel really tired right now.

I had an interview this morning with the University of Washington's University Book Store, which is actually totally separate from the university. It was an interview for a barista spot. I thought it went pretty well. But perhaps not too well, tough to say. I did my best to be charming and friendly. I tried to sell myself mainly on my customer service experience, my love of coffee, and my penchant for paying attention and learning quickly.

Either way, it would be an interesting job and I did my best in the interview. No other options, yeah? Whatevssss.

But man, I'm happy to be resting today. It is hard to get how tired I feel. Need to keep resting.

Need to apply for more jobs, too. So it is rough, a rough time to be tired. Feels like I should be working working more more more doing more doing more. But it is hard to just walk and walk and walk everyday without stopping.

I need to rest for today. Tomorrow I'll be back on the prowl. Perhaps I'll go to Freemont or some other neighborhood tomorrow or something. I've spent most of my time in the U-district and Capitol Hill so far. Ohhh man. TIreeeddd. So that is it I guess.

I mean, today I interviewed, today I rest a bit.

And also, I'm astounded by how much I've written this month. I've produced quite a few substantial essays and quite a lot of reflective writing as well. I've probably produced around 100 pages of essays alone.

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